Large format printing at the Computing Centre

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The Computing Centre has 2 large format printers that can print documents and posters up to and even larger than A0.

To make use if this print service at the Computing Centre, you need:

1. a computer account on the server at the Computing Centre
2. sufficient print credit

Once the above prerequisites are fulfilled, you are set to create and print a poster.

If you have a VUB or ULB NetID and an email address @vub.ac.be or@ulb.ac.be, you already have a computer account at the Computing Centre.

More details including detailed instructions, suggestions, hints and tips and pricing details can be found in the How to plot Guide (see the Links below).

Peter Van Rossem

Previously you needed a printer driver for the plotter to print. Nowadays you can send a PDF file.
20 December 2011

If you add printcredit by transferring money through your bankaccount, do note that it can take up to 2 or even 3 weeks until we receive your payment.


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